Orange Paisley's Year of Home Improvement Projects

(and various thoughts about oracles)

2014: Orange Paisley's Year of Home Improvement Projects
Bruce's house is an old ranch style one that is in desperate need of a major renovation. Instead of an engagement ring I asked him for permission to redo the master bathroom. Surprisingly, he said yes. I also bought a small house nearby and began orchestrating repairs. The plan is to fix it up and rent it out next year.

2013: Orange Paisley's Year of Love, Juggling, and Tarot
Forget grad school. I dropped out after two agonizing weeks of stupid classes and a crappy online interface for turning in math homework. But the year definitely ended on a high note: I got engaged! Yes, Bruce finally proposed and he started learning how to juggle. We took at trip to Bowling Green, OH for the International Juggling Association's yearly festival. I even dragged all my hoops along and led a hooping workshop. I also started reading Tarot at a local variety show/circus arts group. Pretty darn awesome.

2012: Orange Paisley's Year of Preparation
There are some very big hurdles between me and grad school. The first one is that I turn 47 this year. Will a university take a chance on someone as old as I am? The second is that I will need to take the GRE. I did not do very well the first time I took that test, back in the 1980s. And the third is the most important: Do I have the mental and emotional stamina to submit to the rigors of a very challenging educational curriculum? Engineering, especially electrical engineering, is not for dabblers. It's a very demanding career. And it will require sacrifices. I am giving up my free time, all of the money in my bank account, and nearly all of my social life for the chance to get an education. And then (hopefully) using that education to help build something that will benefit future generations.

2011: Orange Paisley's Year of Commitment
Texas, I'm here to stay. I will suffer through your crazy seasons of cedar pollen and hot summers if it means that I can live inexpensively. And I'm looking forward to hooping with friends and (finally) returning to college! I'm still a certified Hoopnotica® Hoopdance instructor. My classes begin with the Hoopnotica basics and quickly progress to ballroom dancing footwork.

2010: Orange Paisley's Second Year of Transition
During my brief time in California late last year I taught Tarot and started (yet another) hooping group. Both groups showed great promise, but the house I inherited cost me more to fix and maintain than I had money in my savings account. And although I applied for a lot of "real" jobs, I did not get a single interview. In a few months I was completely out of money and stranded in a house that didn't have central heat. I had no choice but to sell it and move back to Texas, where the cost of living is much lower. With the money I made from the sale of the house, I paid off all of my debt and purchased a new car. Now have 12 months to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

2009: Orange Paisley's Year of Transition
My mother died in 2005 and my father died late last year. I inherited the family home, but the sad state of the US economy made my plans to return to my hometown very difficult.

2008: Orange Paisley's Year of Hooping
It looks like this hooping thing that I took up for fun is something that I want to do full-time. There's just one problem: I currently live in an unbearably hot climate that has lots of airborne allergens. I've gotta move some place that has nice, cloudy skies and fewer cedar trees! I will be moving back to my hometown of San Diego, California in Fall 2009.

2007: Orange Paisley's Year of High Strategy
I'm going to live after all! (For those keeping score at home, that's Orange Paisley: 3; Death: 1.) So I had best start preparing for a long life. That means paying off last year's medical bills, breaking the chains of credit card debt, improving my Go game, polishing up my Esperanto skills, perfecting my Argentine Tango, learning how to cook, and oh yes, making some romance. Provided that romance can fit into my schedule.

2006: Orange Paisley's Year of Dancing Dangerously
When I stare into the Abyss, not only does the Abyss stare back, it smiles and blows me kisses. Life is short, folks. When I die, I don't want people at my gravesite to have nothing better to say than "She had very good organizational skills." I want them to say what they did at my godmother's funeral:

"Wow, she could really dance!"

So I am dedicating 2006 to learning how to ballroom dance. You're invited to watch, laugh, remark, sympathize, etc...


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