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The back pickup for the Corkscrew

Laura Scarborough has some great slow-motion footage for doing the back pickup for the Corkscrew. Ignore the last part where the hoop slopes over her head in Wild West/Halo. That's just a stylistic thing.

This is the same move I'm doing in my icon, btw.


Orange Paisley considers some costumes

I've got a hula hooping gig this month. The era is the late 1950s...but not the "Happy Days" or "Grease" kind of 1950s.

No one over the age of 27 looks good in shorts.

No one looks good in argyle, either. This is why golf was invented: to keep argyle off public streets!

Aaaaaah! My eyes!!!!

Boring, but acceptable.

The least embarrassing option.

Fugly Keds = costume gold!


My before and after

Me and my first hoop (aka "Green MonsterHoop"):

A year later, with a smaller hoop (Hoopnotica TravelHoop):

Okay I still look like a dork. But I'm a very physically FIT dork! Yay!


It all starts with a dream...

Anyone who does something amazing, first starts out with nothing more than a dream and determination. These are videos of my friends -- all of which are amazing performers in their own right -- showing how they got that good:

When Carrin was first starting to hoop, there weren't any videos for beginners on YouTube. Just people who were already really, really good. Carrin changed that by posting videos her practice. Carrin and her brave vblog gave me the courage to try hooping for myself.

Carrin, when she was just beginning to learn how to hoop:
(her doggie gets surprised at 1:02)

Rare footage of her very first performance:

And now she hoops FIRE!

Think hooping is just for girls? Think again.


"Astro Not"
(he wrote the music, too)

Randal's never-say-die attitude about life is a constant inspiration to me. "Movement is Medicine!"

Parkour training:

Horse vaulting practice:

Working out on the bars:

Parallette training:


The Austin Hoopers Meetup is having an explosion of new members. I can't access Meetup from work, but we're well over 150 members now, closing in quickly on 160. Color me pleased. :-)

And the hooping classes at the Dance Institute are doing well. We're not quite at the point where I need to add a second class, but in another month or so it is very likely.

Teaching hooping is a humbling experience. All of my students are learning the moves so much faster than I did when I was a newbie. You should have heard the delighted squeals as, one by one, they sucessfully completed their very first corkscrew.

I am very proud of them!


Performer: Rayna McInturf, founder of Hoopnotica.com
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nj8hpcrrhc

Not convinced? How about this:

Title: Hoopnotica inspired by Beyonce
Performer: Rayna McInturf, founder of Hoopnotica.com
Song: "Naughty Girl" by Beyonce
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZqwSVZvfbg

Oh and ladies...here's the 10 minute workout that will help you develop these moves. It's a taste of what I'll be teaching at the Level 1 Hoopdance classes at the Dance Institute, Sundays in March.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Archery's loss is hooping's gain

With me teaching Hoopdance classes on Sundays, the free HoopJams with the Austin Hoopers will have to move to Saturday afternoons. That creates a scheduling conflict with my Saturday archery classes. If the HoopJams ran for a set amount of time, and if there was any chance of me becoming a good archer, things might be different. I would just dash off to archery right after hooping. But the hooping group meetups tend to run long and the archery meetings are...significantly less fun these days.

Dropping archery has the added bonus of saving me $80/month. That's money that I can put towards cooking classes. And I ask you, which talent would you prefer in a potential lifemate: archery or mad cooking skillz?

Going legit

1. I spoke with my hooping guru, Rayna McInturf, and got my licensing to teach Hoopdance classes. (I've been certified since last summer, but with licensing, I get all sorts of little goodies: a listing on Hoopnotica.com of teachers, promotional materials, etc.)

2. I ordered 12 TravelHoops. Six in pink & gold foil, six in teal & silver foil.

3. I'm renting a really nice studio in the Four Points area. Lots of space (with room to grow), super-high ceiling, kick-ass sound system with iPod docking port, nice wooden floors, wall of mirrors, etc.

4. I'll be offering Level 1 Hoopdance classes every Sunday in March. I'll be covering the moves in this video.


We're number three!?!

Just a few moments ago, the Austin Hoopers Meetup group became tied as the third largest hula hooping group in the country.

1. Boston Drum Circle, Dance, Jump & Jive Meetup (185 Members)
2. The OC Poi Freaks & Fire Performers (166 Members)
3. Austin Hoopers (123 Members)
4. Austin Ecstatic Dance for Women (123 Members)
5. Hoopnotica's West LA Hula Hooping & Hoopdance Meetup Group (113 Members)
6. Hoop Dance DC! (70 Members)
7. Hoopnotica's New York Hula Hooping & Hoopdance Meetup (66 Members)
8. The Washingon Fire Spin Jam (58 Members)
9. Hoopers & Fire Artists - San Fernando Valley (54 Members)
10. Hoopla! (53 Members)



Must hold twelve hula hoops (and a pizza)

The Saturn clicked over to 109,000 miles on Saturday. It has been a very faithful car and runs rather well, but it has no air conditioning and the fan that moves the air around is slowing dying. That makes any trip made in weather warmer than oh, say 75 degrees, pretty darn uncomfortable.

Everyone I know has gotten a new car in the past two years:

BRT got a Mazda 6,
grogtard got a Kia,
trudge got a Honda a month or so ago,
oliana0 got a SmartCar this past week,
And a good chunk of the Austin Hoopers drive Honda Elements.

I like the Mazda 6 because it has a smooth ride, but it is too large for my needs and well, it's a car for a little old lady. (I've rented a Mazda 3 and it had a good ride and great acceleration, but it had a tiny rearview window and nasty blind spots. I was afraid to change lanes.) Kias are crap and I don't like the dealership, so you won't see me driving one of those. Hondas are good cars, but they are expensive and boring. (I would probably lose it the first time I parked at a mall.) I like the Element because it has great cargo space and access, but it gets horrible gas mileage. I like the SmartCar because it has great mileage it and doesn't take up a lot of space (good for parking in tight spots), but I am concerned that it will not hold 12 hula hoops, a pizza, and all the other gear I usually drag to Austin Hoopers meetups. (It also seems pricey for its size.)

Why am I obsessing over the hoop capacity? Because I have a line on an indoor place to teach and I'll need to bring my own equipment for the students that don't already have hoops.

My personal deadline for a new car is summer, which is when it will be a bazillion degrees here in Austin. I've still got time to think about this while I save for a down payment.


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