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Parking permit and course registration

More stressful to me than schoolwork is finding parking on campus. To easy my nerves, I bought the fancy, super expensive parking pass ($211) that will allow me (space permitting) to park in the coveted Orange spots after 5:00 pm and any Extended, Green, and Gold spots any time.

To give you some idea as to what that means, the Orange spots are right next to the buildings. The only thing better than Orange is Purple. Purple spaces are very few and reserved for faculty. Probably tenured faculty. Lucky bastards!

Green and Gold spaces are reasonably close to the campus buildings, while the Extended areas are far away from human contact. There is always parking for those willing to walk, but I sure as hell ain't gonna do it in 90+ degree heat when I'm wearing heels. Aff that.

After waiting on pins and needles for my official letter of acceptance to UTD (which arrived an hour before the general grad student orientation -- grrrr!), I'm pleased to report that someone somewhere finally flipped the switch to allow me to register electronically for undergraduate classes. Grad students can add undergraduate classes without advisor approval. But until just now, I was not able to access that part of Galaxy (UTD's online registration tool).

Unfortunately, the two math classes that I really want have a test prerequisite. That will require permission from a real live person. Hopefully my advisor will clear that for me when I show her my framed B.A. diploma and transcripts from UC Riverside on Tuesday. I don't want to take placement tests. I'm still suffering from post-traumatic GRE stress.

So no College Algebra (MATH 1314) and Trigonometry (MATH 1316) for me yet. The morning sessions I wish to take are nearly full, so I might end up taking one of them in the afternoon. That means finding parking on campus twice a day, on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. That would suck, but that is why I bought the fancy Orange parking permit.

The good news is that I successfully registered for Introduction to Programing (CS 1325). The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No possible conflict with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday math classes, even if I get a weird section that starts in the afternoon. Hooray!