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Even hoopgirls get the blues

There are some days when even a nice sunny hooping session with friends in the park and a pleasant lunch over Tarot cards isn't enough to lift my spirits.

I hit my first hooping plateau last month and I am feeling major angst about it. I've got the basics down and I've been adding "flair" (frex, high kicks when doing donut step-throughs) and "flow" (smooth transitions and constant speed) to them. But new material like rolling the hoop off of my back, or smoothly reversing directions, or vertical hooping, is eluding me. The only new thing I can do is toss the hoop straight up during vertical-off-the body moves.

To put this in non-hooping terms: I can walk forward, and I can walk forward very fast, but I cannot skip or run.

I should find a video like this inspiring, uplifting, and a whole host of happy words that end in "ing" -- but today it only makes me sad.

I want to be so much more than I am. And my body is not cooperating. :-/



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Apr. 5th, 2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
i can relate.
there have been many times when I just couldn't find the happy hoopiness, it felt like i just wasn't going to figure out anything new.

it will pass. and then it will be completely obliterated when you have that next super hoop day.
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